Well hello! Fancy seeing you here … Come here often?

Up until now we thought mint was for mojitos and a nice garnish on a salad. But no! Mint is for EVERYTHING.

In reply to one of our tweets this week, Kate from the gorgeous Tootsa MacGinty said:

I have done some research on the matter – conclusion is Mint matches EVERYTHING!! #fact

and well, if Kate says it, then we know it’s true.

So here are some of out favourite mints out there:




Mint straws from Etsy / Mint and White Stripe top from Asos / Mint Macaroons / Minty Pencils / DIY minty chair / Haymarket from Nails Inc. / Mint Paper Flowers from Etsy / Necklace from BaubleBar / Beautiful Mint lace shorts

Doesn’t it just make your heart melt?

And just to prove how much we love mint … Here is Lisa’s kitchen!!


Now that PROVES our love.

Where will you bring mint into your life?

handsome and pretty



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