Singles Club?

Now when we say Singles Club we are actually talking about the new Music Singles Club that Start Together Recording studios  are running in Belfast.

Start Together Singles Club has been dreamed up to focus on short-run, unusual format, non-streaming releases.

Each release will be unique, accompanied by a physical product, crafted with care & attention.

The first release is “Simpler Vibe” by Belfast/London-based Not Squares. It features the single and a bonus remix by Adultrock. Limited to 100, and released as an egg shaker, it can be purchased here.

You can subscribe to the singles club for £20 and get the first ten releases sent out to you.

More info here.

Also the lovely Arborist will be supporting the Singles Club this Friday with their soon to be available latest single.

We can’t wait to hear it. We shall keep you posted.

And now a little sneak peek of the goings ons of next weekend if you happen to be about Lisburn.


Frock around the Clock never disappoints. We are really looking forward to a few vintage buys next weekend.

What’s happening near you?

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