We love you Friday!

Word Up Friday! (sorry, we will never say that again)

But you made it, and just in time. How has this week treated everyone? We have had nothing and everything happen.

In the stillness, mountains were shifted, and in the chaos, no progress was made.

Know the feeling?

Through The Lens

the little lady enjoying the view / voomp from the lichenstein pop room at tate modern / vintage teacups at A&J’s wedding

delicious desert – meringues, berry compote & fresh cream / canary wharf from the southside / cool sounding beer whilst playing rock bingo


 We were delighted this week to be nominated by Sarah from KnittingSarah for a LIEBSTER AWARD! Hooray! It’s a nice type of award because it involves accepting and nominating other blogs that you rate. We’ll be posting about it next week, so keep an eye out!


Some Friday Lovin …

This is A-Mazing – wtfshouldidowithmylife  (*work alert! First page includes a swear!*)

THIS gorgeous hand painted pine wood keychain (via eat drink chic)

THIS post entitled “Crushing on Smeg Refridgerators” We are ALL OVER THIS!

Graham Lott’s Rose Garden Prints are sumptuous

THIS large clutch purse in Salmon Pink / Peach White on Etsy

THIS DIY Fresh Flower Honeycomb Party Décor from our fav Studio DIY


Lastly, it is fair to say that we are a bit obsessed with James Blake’s Retrograde. So we thought we’d get you addicted too … (if you weren’t already!)


Happy weekend everyone!

See you Monday



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