Fun Time Friday

Well hi there. So glad you’re here with us today – welcome!

We can’t quite believe it is Friday once again – no complaints obviously – but it seems the weeks fly in these days. Have you been experiencing some nice weather? Having the sun in our lives really does lift the old spirit, don’t you find? There just seems to be more possibility in the air. We are all for that. Also, being out on the bike cycling around in the sun, it almost felt like being on holiday – the city always seems that little bit more exciting in a new light.

So what have we been up to? Here are some of our phone photos in

Through The Lens :

(might not be in the right order!!) visiting the v&a courtyard / 50p blue nail varnish (works a treat!) / watching the London marathon / a landscape dinner set (can we have it even though we are both 30?) / blossom view from the flat window / a fantastic cloud installation at Tower Bridge / handmade cupcakes / celebratory champers in new gold glasses


This weekend we are very excited about our plans. Lisa is heading to the wonderful Betty Blythe‘s vintage tea room in Hammersmith, London …


Betty Blythe is one of Hollywood’s earliest sex symbols. A voluptuous brunette, Betty Blythe was among the first American movie stars to do nude scenes and her acting ability often took a back seat to her wardrobe, or lack of it. Her biggest hit was “The Queen of Sheba” (1921). She later said of it, “I had 28 costumes in that picture, and if I’d worn them all at once I couldn’t have kept warm”.  

This beautiful icon of the silent movie era has watched over us as we serve our wonderful customers, and we have paid tribute to her costumes by dressing as starlets ourselves and accessorising the guests as is customary to when taking tea at Betty Blythe.  

It is a wonderful experience to hear the excitement build as the dressing up box is opened and the previously mild manners of the start of the party turns to  shrieks of laugher, and posing in the array of hats, faux fur stoles, pearls and gloves until each guest is satisfied with the finished look.  

Time for tea and mismatched sets of china adorns the tables with cream table clothes and scattered petals , a pretty flower display in the centre of the table and our shabby chic chairs surround the table, pots of tea are brought  to the guests and a selection of fine sandwiches, scones and cakes tempt the guests until they are pleasantly replete!”

Ain’t she a beauty? There will definitely be pictures of our costumes this time next week!


And Katie is off to the Good Life Festival (see yesterdays post) which will definitely be filled with music, fashion, and crafty goodness. Also our lovely friends The Holy Innocents will be playing too. If you are in the Belfast area you should definitely check the whole day out.


Some other things that have caught our beady eyes this week …

THIS  Peto Multi Coloured Wool Rug from Habitat

habitatrug ***

The very cool URBAN CYCLIST range from the V&A Museum shop

three favourites …

MINT(!!!) Milk Bottle Bike Basket / Paris Check Helmet Cover / Moggs Strangers Guide to London


And to leave you with a tune that we CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF …

Laura Mvula That’s Alright

Blast it out!!


Have a wonderful fun filled weekend everyone,

we will see you back here on Monday. Same time, same place, yeah?

Loves, Handsome and Pretty



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