An Interview with Marthe Hagen

Hello and welcome to Wednesday, the first day of a whole brand new month! Are you ready for a mid-week treat?

At the beginning of this year we discovered a wonderful, inspiring blog called The Freedom Experiment. Today we are so delighted to have its author Marthe Hagen as our guest here at Handsome and Pretty. Here is what Marthe has to say …


mh1Marthe Hagen is a life coach and motivational writer. Having trained with Martha Beck, Marthe works with powerful tools to transform and release emotional and mental blockages. Specializing in making dreams come true by healing our past and thinking differently, Marthe can help you change your life to make it align with your dreams and hopes for the future. Passionate about freedom – emotional, mental and physical – she writes at, a blog that has more than 140,000 monthly readers. She is the author of Feeling Good when Life is Hard – an e-book about about embracing life and feeling happy when you are going through a time of great challenge. Marthe is a true believer in ‘Everything is possible’. 

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How and where are you today? 

Right now, I am sitting in Lima International Airport waiting for a flight to Bogota. I just arrived back in Lima from Cusco, where I have been spending a week among Inca ruins and breathtaking mountains. I have been on an Adventure Reboot Retreat and right now I am feeling calm, content and inspired.

How would you describe the journey that has brought you to this place? And were these the roads you expected to take? 

I will definitely describe my journey as a bumpy ride. Not the flights to Peru per se – but the journey that has taken me from a shy and very insecure 16-year-old to a confident and happy 26-year-old. If anyone would have told me at 16 that in the next 10 years I would travel to more than 30 countires, be hospitalized 10 times and have my own coaching business – I wouldn’t have believed them. I always knew I was meant to write, but apart from that – almost all the roads have been unexpected. The best ones usually are.


Do you have a process to ensure you are in the right frame of mind to create?

I only create when I am in the right frame of mind. This means that my life is sometimes unpredictable – and never boring! I always carry multiple notebooks and I have written on trains, planes, in cares, on the street, on cafés, from bed – even while sitting among Ancient Incan ruins!

 How do you think your background and culture influences your creations?

Growing up in Norway has definitely influenced my writing – particularly because English is my second language. Apart from that, I have always been hanging out in a very international environment. Attending an international high school and having friends from all over the world has helped deepen my understanding for cultures and religions. I think this understanding – and the ability to see the human behind the culture and nationality – is the reason why I connect with so many people from accross the globe through my writing.


What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means imperfection. Beauty means the afternoon sun bathing the earth in warm, orange light. Beauty is breathtaking mountains and snow-covered peaks. Beauty is vulnerability. Beauty is seeing a person for who they really are.

Beauty is so important to me, but not in the way our society defines it. Beauty for me is something personal, something true.

If we had interviewed you when you were 11, what would you have told us you wanted to be when you grew up?

I always knew I wanted to be a writer. One of the first books I read was the Nancy Drew books, and I always wanted to write lots of novels. Little did I know that I would end up writing a non-fiction book at 25!

Oh, and I wanted to be a pop-star too. For the record.


What advice have you received that you want everyone to benefit from?

The best advice I have ever received came from a psychiatric nurse that took care of me when I was really struggling. She said “acceptance is a choice”. At the time, I was fighting my fate with all kinds of self-destructive weapons – and I was in no shape or form willing to accept myself. It felt like acceptance was something I couldn’t control, something you either had or you hadn’t.

Realizing that acceptance is something you have to power over, something you can decide to do changed my life.


We cannot thank you enough Marthe for being here today with us and taking the time to answer our questions so truthfully. Welcome to the Handsome and Pretty family! 


We hope you have all enjoyed our interview today and are as inspired as us!

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