the kids are on the roof!!

Hello there.

Last Friday in Through the Lens, we included a photo of some beautiful pop up birds from the wonderful Dutch shop KidsOnRoof 

“Kidsonroof = creativity + imagination + sustainable approach = great to play with -/- visual pollution for the grown ups!”

So we decided to choose our FAVOURITE FIVE from their wonderful online shop. It has definitely been the MOST difficult fav five we have done as there are a million and one items that we instantly fell in love with!


Explore the endless possibilities of color and shape and create all kinds of animals, figures, landscapes and abstract forms. Tatlin consist of 288 cardboard magnets and can be used on a fridge or on the wall.



New MobileHome Recycle …. white/grey on the outside and yellow on the inside. Enough space to draw on for the kids! A nature house with 8 rooms, an attic and spy holes. For kids on the move – for all favorite figurines.



Make this beautiful tree of life including 2 birds, a birdhouse, and mushrooms growing on the tree trunk.

When assembled the tree is 70 cm high and 60 cm wide. Set it up in your room to admire, or undo it and magically transform it to make one of your own creations.


Houses, mountains, skyscrapers, trees and roads.

Coloured pieces that you can build into ever-changing city sceneries.
There are no rules: houses can be built over houses, trees taller than skyscrapers, and roads can go up vertically or run all around you.  Archiville is a city to build, a world that needs to be constantly reinvented.



This girl brings a party! She makes a festive atmosphere anywhere around her!

A pop out card is more then a card, it’s a little present!



Are they simply wonderful?

You MUST go to their website and check out the full range. Beautiful!

handsome and pretty



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