An ‘Oh Comely’ Friday

Hello Friday!

Not sure about you, but we started the week with a bank holiday Monday, so it was a four day affair for us. That always helps doesn’t it? No sooner have you begun than you’re finished – it’s sort of like frog leaping from one weekend to the next!

On our travels this week we picked up issue 15 of the always – wonderful


Their tagline “keep your curiosity sacred” never fails to remind us to keep the child behind our eyes alert and awake. To oserve, question, absorb and learn – at all times!!

The great thing about Oh Comely is that they are alwasy true to their word, every time you read an issue, you find out all sorts of new and interesting things! We wouldn’t want to bhe selfish and keep them to ourselves, so here are a few things that caught our curious eyes …


Mona Mara, like any other girl, searches to be true to herself. Inspired by so much that surrounds her she often finds herself spending hours exploring the diverse creative offerings of her city, London. Mona Mara is not a follower of trends necessarily, she enjoys collecting trinkets and wearable items along her travels, each holding memories and positive affirmations which add to her eclectic style and evolving self.

The debut collection, ‘We all have a story to tell…’ is inspired by Mona Mara’s experiences and the life she leads living in her city, London. Each piece is intricately crafted in high quality 22kt gold plate over brass or sterling silver and comes complete with the Mona Mara brand tag, all delicately hand-packaged from recycled materials.”

seek and you shall find arrow neckace –





“A smiley duo of designer printmakers based in Scotland.The pair make an interesting combination which is evident in their creations.

Mrs Orwell and Mrs Goode met in 2008 when Mrs Orwell taught Mrs Goode how to silk screen print. Mrs Goode had a blast and thought Mrs Orwell was such a brilliant teacher she returned twice more. They had lots of fun working together and giggled far too much! Mrs Orwell and Mrs Goode were on holiday in Ireland together when they had the idea to design a collection together and so came about ‘Orwell and Goode’. Together along with their small and very talented team they design, hand print and stitch their many ideas into the most beautiful of creations for living, dining and giving.”

10″ Linen Shade – In The Woods Night with Hares


herringbone maxi fish cushion



Did everyone else know about Flow Magazine? Beause we missed that one …

header_flowFLOW MAGAZINE

“Flow is a magazine for women who are looking for more peace and quiet in their busy lives.

Flow offers inspiration, insights and solutions. Authentic, made with love, a magazine with lots of extras.

Each issue has four parts:

1. FEEL CONNECTED: about family, relationships, friends, but also about the world around you.

2. SPOIL YOURSELF: indulge yourself with pretty and fun products.

3. LIVE MINDFULLY: living with awareness, attention for the now, mindfulness and psyche.

4. SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE: practical solutions to make life easier, even inside your head.”


Now, we haven’t actually read a copy as yet, but we’re interested because we like their website and it seems very appealing indeed – especially when it says “for paper lovers” !! Have you read it? What did you think?


There has been a lot of painting going on at the London half of H&P household … Bold colours were chosen and the residents are still reserving judgement. So this lovely company sparked our interest:


Founder Clare Bosanquet says ” When I stumbled across these paint rollers in a market in Romania I was so excited I bought the lot and spent the next two months of the hiking trip regretting my cumbersome purchase. They have been used there for the last 100 years or so as an alternative to wallpaper. As an ardent upcycler I have been using them ever since to bring unloved fabrics and wonky old walls back to life. I have adapted the traditional roller system for use in fabric printing particularly; there is also a more simple foam roller for paper and walls.”



Aren’t these brilliant? Check out all the patterns on offer on their WEBSITE.


And lastly … A little shameless self promotion … 

On Monday 13th May 2013 a very exciting new thriller series, staring Gillian Anderson,

begins on BBC2 entitled THE FALL ,

and the Lisa Dwyer Hogg half of Handsome and Pretty will be in it! Playing the role of Marion Kay …


But be warned, it is a psychological thriller!!!

AND readers in the US can catch it on Netflix from 28th may.

Hope you enjoy!

have a wonderful weekend y’all!

handsome and pretty



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