Our favourite five Lollipop Designs

Dandering through Liberty the other day (one of the many treats about living in London)  I (Lisa) came across quite a few different products that I fell instantly in love with.

Not much of a surprise you say – it is Liberty! And then, I realised that quite a few of them were from the same company …

The beautiful Lollipop Designs :

lolli“Designer and Lollipop’s founder Rachel Le Mesurier loves the urban wildlife you see on city streets and in London’s parks. Across the range of products you will find pigeons perched on landmarks, squirrels on park benches, sparrows hopping across concrete onto branches and telephone wires. Many of these little characters first featured back in 2003 on Lollipop’s wedding stationery range, with a little tweek here and there they are loving their new home on these products!

Products are produced in short runs, many by hand, in the UK. All cotton is fair-trade, all rubber pressed locally and all paper recycled.”

And so, Handsome and Pretty choose our Favourite Five products from their shop:

colour me in t-shirts

TSHIRTA super soft & stretchy 100% organic cotton t-shirt hand printed with a cool outline design and supplied with 8 fabric crayons for you to colour in – all presented in a drawstring bag. The design means the end result will always look fantastic whatever the artistic talent!


origami notelet set – fox

foxWe remember at school we would send friends secret notes and then origami-fold them into hearts… which, if you drew ears and eyes on could also look like cute little animals! So we created these new notelets to send secret messages to very special people! Designed to be written on the reverse, then folded and popped into the envelope provided. A beautiful gift set, fun to use and a special surprise to receive…


paper parcel tape – banner

tapeThis tape can be written on – so we designed this one with little banners – pretty enough to leave blank or cut them out and use them on presents as gift tags…I’m sure you’ll find lots of uses for it! Practical and strong – this is not just a pretty tape!


gift wrap bundles – geo

boxA pretty wrap printed in the UK onto 100% recycled paper with lovely veggie inks. Perfect partner to our mailing labels and matching ‘geo’ gift tags


magnetic notepad


A brand new range of super stylish and very useful notepads, perfect size for writing lists or memos. With a magnetic back so it can be kept on a fridge door or magnetic memo board.

Printed in the UK with lovely vegetable inks onto 100% recycled paper


handsome and pretty



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