In love with you Friday

Howdy kids! Got that Friday feeling yet?

Our Through The Lens this week is unwittingly food-tastic!

(not necessarily in the right order … ) blue cheese with a quince heart in Borough Market / beautiful blooming lillies / fresh bread fortress in Borough Market / garden salad with edible yellow flower petals / gorgeous neon pink trim fabric from Cloth House / pattern power from Cloth House / delicious lamb wrap and beers at Street Feast London / rhubarb & apple crumble with custard at The Mayflower pub, Rotherhithe London


Here are some of the ‘mega dope’ (thanks Will.I.Am, you rock) things that caught our beady little eyes this week …


An amazing online shop based in the Netherlands, thats sells 3D printed cookie cutters in all manner of shapes!


Check out their shop for more exciting shapes!


Aunt Peaches and her fantastic wallpapered fridge using removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper

fridge1 Genius!


We have always loves Scottish artist David Shrigley, so when we saw this tea towel on eatdrinkchic it got an instant thumbs up!



This week we happened upon a gorgeous etsy shop called Pamplemouss


Pamplemouss, it’s me, Julie, fan of geometry & triangles. ♥

I live in the west of France with my love and my adorable French Bulldog.

I manage my shop alone, and I take great care at each stage of creation. Each fabric is carefully chosen, each order is carefully packaged.

I want you to feel unique. 

Every day, I sew colorful pouches, and it makes my life incredibly better!

I LOVE geometry, I LOVE when the colors come together and explode.

Sounds good to us!


Definitely ‘need’ one of these gorgeous geometricals … Lovely work Julie!


And finally we leave you with a little tune for the weekend …

Laura Marling’s little homage to all that is Dylan – Master Hunter


Adieu fair friends, see you Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

handsome and pretty



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