oh hey friday

Oh hey there! Friday eh? Yep, it’s here once again – hurrah!

Have you had a good week? We do hope so. Just to end it on a high note …

We have a BRAND NEW FEATURE for you today! Call it a little Friday treat between friends.


Ever notice that when it comes to colour trends, there are no boundaries between  fashion and interiors? We couldn’t help but observe certain colours making a bold appearance on a few of our inspiration boards.


pinkcollage yellowcollage (image sources via handsome and pretty pinterest)


And some other little items that caught our eyes this week :


Wouldn’t it be cool to carry a plant in your pocket …

was the idea that started my business. As an Industrial Design student at Georgia Tech and Lund University, I was always trying to do a project that allowed people to carry plants. These ideas were far-fetched, and imagined small farms growing on raincoats and little plants living on lapels. Almost every professor I presented this idea to said I couldn’t explore it in their class, which of course motivated me to make these machinations a reality.Now we’ve been in business since January, 2011, growing from an after work project to a full time job. Our studio has gone from making just necklaces to a broader range of jewelry and whimsical objects. All of our work is 3D printed and finished by hand. This means that we start our process by creating everything digitally using the same type of software used by engineers and architects. We then take these files, and send them to a 3D printer where our designs are created layer by layer in durable plastics.



Aren’t these so cool and innovative? Check out the full range over at their shop.


We discovered these beautiful Porcelain Fortune Cookies from Aleksandra Pollner via Honey Kennedy

How nice it is to be engaged in a conversation with such simple material as clay. A conversation in play, form, function and life.

Aleksandra Pollner is a multimedia artist working in ceramics. Originally from Gdansk-Poland, she currently resides in Seattle-WA



So simple and so lovely.


A couple of last min reminders if you are in the NI area –

1. our friends ARBORIST will be on the radio tonight (BBC Arts Extra) at 6.30pm playing a song and having a chat

and 2. they will be playing tonight on The Barge Belfast along with RGShiels

have a great weekend. Go get em!

handsome and pretty



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