what speed are you operating at today?



What I’ve noticed is that there are two main ways that fear of uncertainty affects us, at least initially.

One is that we speed up and the other is that we get very lazy. As I’ve talked with people many of them share their experiences of how a basic level of nervousness causes them to speed about even in their own homes, bouncing from room to room and task to task and never quite finishing anything. People talk about going back and forth between one thing and another, emailing and calling people on the phone.

Lazy is the other way to go. It is the opposite of speed, and yet these two seeming opposites are both about the same thing: avoiding being present with our fear of uncertainty. You procrastinate. You feel unworthy. Laziness has a frozen quality. You spend hour after hour on the computer, not as a form of speediness, but just distracting yourself, trying not to feel what’s underneath what you’re feeling, trying to avoid touching the uncertainty and uneasiness.

 Pema Chodron


What speed are you operating at today and what might it say about where your mind is at? Interesting stuff eh?

Something to think about.

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3 thoughts on “what speed are you operating at today?

  1. What a great concept on how we as People work and don’t
    work at all – As for my self I try to put my self into a Project
    and get it accomplish .

  2. Reblogged this on questformyparamita and commented:
    This is my biggest problem..unfortunately I was stuck in the negative end of the spectrum for quite a while. I hope to go faster than this!

  3. hello, thanks for your comments – glad the post resonated with you. Our aim is to become present to how we are feeling so that we can avoid getting stuck in the wrong gear! Devoting time every day to check in with ourselves has to be key to this. A good goal to have! x

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