We love discovering new handmade shops – especially too if it happens to be colourful eye catching jewelry …

So, today we are introducing the lovely ILIOS and picking our favourite five items from their etsy shop


ILIOS means “light” in Greek. I am inspired by the colors of the Southwest, of the sun, of objects in nature. Much of my jewelry is hand-painted or asymmetrical; full of bold shapes and brilliant shimmer. All of my pieces have a story to tell. Creating pieces that have been touched by the human hand is my way of offering something truly unique and one-of-a-kind for the fresh, modern gals of today.



Bright, modern earrings that have been hand-painted with enamel and brushed to a flickering shine. I call them “fins” because the way the brass chevron catches the light when they are worn reminds me of a swimming fish. This lovely shade of green stands out gorgeously, complimenting just about any outfit.



Turquoise and red glow against polished, hammered brass chevron bars. This is a stunning, intricate, hand-painted piece that has a lovely weight and hangs on antiqued brass chain.



TOTEM is a series of artisan earrings designed to speak to your most creative self. Each hand-painted pair is a markedly unique take on the asymmetrical earring; they are an artistic, one-of-a-kind choice for any occasion.




Lovely brass triangle necklace with a hand-painted coral and mint green double triangle. Geometric and southwestern style is modern, fresh, and edgy; perfect to brighten up any season. Piece is hand-cut and attached to a gorgeous golden-colored brass curb chain.



Brass triangles are brushed to a glowing shine and then hand painted with a strip of periwinkle blue. Pastel blue really brings out the beauty of the metal and the simple shapes offer a hint of the Southwest.

Geometric, petite and modern, these are perfect for every day.


Beautiful no? We love the colours.

Thanks Ilios for bringing these lovely pieces into our world!

handsome and pretty



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