sweet beastiary

oh, we were so delighted to find this gorgeous little etsy store Sweet Beastiary , that we simply had to share!


“A bestiary is, above all, a collection. And I worked among collections (and series and subseries) for eight years, at the Buenos Aires Historical Archives. Collections (and archival terminology) are somehow familiar to me.

Each of those little beings is a bit of a beast. Be they quasi-animal or completely human. Something about them disturbs me -and touches me, at the same time.

Bestiary is the title of my favourite story by Julio Cortázar, my favourite writer.

I myself am a sweet beast.

My art dolls and figurines are not meant to be played with. Instead, they can be contemplated, can inspire you, cheer you up, keep you company, warm you up from inside, make you daydream… They’re for your inner child but not for children.”


Our Favourite Five items from the Sweet Beastiary shop :

Fox Brooch – Woodland Creature Pin 

fox brooch

Grey Bunny Girl – Woodland Creature Pin

grey bunny girl

Moustache Man Brooch – Gentleman Face Pin

moustache man

Lady With A Bird – Brunette Girl Brooch  

lady bird

Mountain Amulet in Starry Pocket Box 



Aren’t they so gorgeous? Check out the shop for lots more surprises.

Thank you Flor Panichelli for being so creative and wonderful!

handsome and pretty




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