all present and correct?

happy Wednesday everyone …

It has been a while since we mentioned the wonderful Present & Correct
so we thought we ought to set things straight and choose our current Favourite Five items from their shop!

Old Cut Out London Cards


Build a collection of iconic London vehicles with these vintage postcards, from which you can cut and make a bus, taxi, mail van or train. Each card is in mint condition, and has plenty of room on the back to write a letter to someone special. The graphics are great, with solid, bright colours. 8″x5.5″. Printed in the 60s in Kentish Town, London. Choose your favourite.

Baby Book 


Track the progress of your little one with this very modern baby book from France. The hardback concertina has, on one side, a height chart. On the other there is plenty of room for notes, pictures, footprints & remnants of your loved ones lunch. 3.5×7′ with 18 sections on each side.

Know It All Pencil Set


With these genius pencils you will never again fail a pub quiz or need an encyclopaedia. Each one is printed with a very useful piece of information that you can impress your friends with. 6 wood pencils in a drawstring printed bag. Fun-ctional.

Wood and Brass Tape Dispenser


A charming tape dispenser, made in the UK, from maple wood. The brass arm is serrated for ease of tearing. It measures 10x7cm and is designed for approx 2″ reels.

Colour Block Book End 


Fun yet simple & ever so smart. These book ends will liven up any shelf with their colour blocked geometric shapes. Each one is made from .75″ plywood and measures 7.5″ in height. We love them.

Quite tough to only choose five items – there are so many things to love in the shop. Get yourself over there and take a look!

handsome and pretty



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