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hello and welcome to another weekend!

Are you in the Belfast area over the next couple of weeks? We noticed this competition over at Culture NI which closes today (hurry!) that is definitely worth entering …


Win Tickets to Open Air Screening of Odd Man Out at Belfast Film Festival

 (Closing Date: 23/08/2013)

 The Belfast Film Festival closes on Saturday August 31 with a special outdoor screening of Carol Reeds classic Belfast Noir ‘Odd Man Out’. The event will take place beneath the iconic Albert Clock, in Belfast’s Custom House Square and is a perfect end to the summer for family friends and film fans.

Carol Reed’s taut character study was adapted from the novel by F.L. Green and stars James Mason in his star-making role as Johnny McQueen. Breaking out of jail, Johnny takes it on the lam, but idealism forces him out of hiding in order to raise money for a cause he believes in so strongly. He decides to rob a bank, but the hold-up goes bad and Johnny is seriously wounded by the police. Staggering through the streets of Belfast, Johnny meets a succession of people who either want to help him or turn him over to the authorities.

Odd Man Out is shaped like a Greek tragedy, with events developing from a single early mistake. This fatalism finds symbolic echoes throughout, with Johnny breaking his shoelace at the opening and Shell breaking his at the end; the recurring references to time and the Albert clock; the steps where Johnny was shot and where he killed a man; the shots of the Harland and Wolff shipyards which open and close the film.

Amazing eh? In fact there are still tickets for tonights showing of 2001: A Space Odyssey which is being shown at Titanic Dry Dock. A fantastic Friday night out we say!

 Full details of the Belfast Film Aurora Programme are available at http://www.belfastfilmfestival.org

Othello at the National is (unsurprisingly) completely sold out – well unless you stand in long queues for hours. Directed by Nicholas Hytner and starring the amazing Adrian Lester and Rory Kinnear they are the hottest tickets in town. So if you don’t have the time to queue – what to do??

Well, get your self some NT Live tickets, that’s what!

Tickets are available at QFT, Belfast  and London venues HERE

And lastly, since we have mentioned the National, it seems a good time to mention that Handsome and Pretty’s very own Lisa Dwyer Hogg (pictured!) is also on stage there in Richard Eyre’s production of Pirandello’s Liola.


(Tickets still available, and lots of £12 ones with the Travelex promotion – come see!)

Well that’s enough culture for one weekend we think …

handsome and pretty



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