you could hear a pin drop

Today we introduce to you the amazing Pin Drop, co-founded by (previous Handsome and Pretty interviewee) Elizabeth Day, and Simon Oldfield 


Pin Drop presents contemporary and classic short stories read by world-leading narrators, authors and actors in unique locations. Our narrations are held in beautiful spaces – from a contemporary art gallery to a museum by candlelight, an open-air theatre or even the Houses of Parliament. 

A Pin Drop narration is a truly unique and immersive shared experience which communicates the unforgettable power of storytelling. Every sentence can light a fuse in your mind and as the story unfolds against a fresh backdrop, it arrests your senses in new, inspiring ways.

We loved being told stories when we were younger, so why stop just because we are a little more … mature?

This week, on Thursday 19th, H&P’s very own Lisa Dwyer Hogg will be Pin Drop’s narrator at the London Design Festival.


At Vernacular, an exhibition staged by the Craft Council of Ireland and curated by Ann Mulrooney in the Old Truman Brewery, Lisa will be reading ‘Atlantic City’ by Irish author Kevin Barry.

And Broad Street was on fire. The last of the evening gave out in a show of dying golds and reds. The street lamps came on. The blue flicker of television screens could be seen behind terraced windows. The summer night announced itself, with its own starlit energies. It brought temptation, yearning and ache, because these are the summer things.” (Atlantic City)

So if you’re in London tomorrow eve, why not come along? It’s free, so you’ll actually be saving money by going … (we think)

details HERE

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