While tuning into the women’s hour on BBC radio 4 earlier this week we heard about a new magazine being brought out at Cambridge University. It’s called Ladybeard and this is what it’s about:

“Ladybeard hopes to challenge and reform this aggressive style of media: instead of angrily critiquing women’s ‘lifestyle’ magazines, it questions how the media makes us look at ourselves, and why. Aimed at all gender identities – men, women, transgender, non-gender, pan-gender… – Ladybeard hopes to open up the media playing field. It harnesses the potential of the ‘magazine’ medium in order to make a beautiful, simple and stimulating publication.”

Our cover

It looks pretty good eh, hopefully it will be more widely available in the future. They are having their launch night in Cambridge on October 20th. Find out more on their facebook page here.

On the subject of gender we thought we would also leave you with this TED talk by the COO of facebook, Sheryl Sandberg.

We think she speaks quite well, what do you think?

Is your gender an issue in the area within which you work?

handsome and pretty



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