Liberty Bean Bag Tutorial

We decided to start off the new year with a little project from

The Liberty Book of Home Sewing.

We have gone for their little bean bag pattern. Very cute.


This tied in quite well with our “Be more productive” New Year’s resolution.


You will need:

For main fabric, a 90 x 136cm piece of your choice.

For base fabric, 45 x 50cm piece of heavy weight fabric (we just used the same fabric and put iron on interfacing on each piece to make it stronger).

For liner fabric 90 x 136 cm piece of lightweight calico or cotton.

Pattern paper

40cm zip

Matching sewing thread

Polystyrene beads to fill liner (56 litres)

1. Using your pattern paper, cut out a circular top pattern piece, diameter 42cm. Use this to cut out the top piece of your main fabric and the top and bottom of your lining. Fold this pattern piece in half and adding two cms to the flat side cut two more pieces. This will be either side of your a zip on the underneath.beanbag2

2. Cut out 1 side piece 32 x 136cm from each your lining and your main fabric. Also cut 2 handles from your main fabric 16 x 18cm.


3. Press all your pieces and attach some iron on interfacing if your main fabric is quite light weight like ours.

beanbagt4Firstly we made up the lining pieces. This is simply a case of joining the flat side piece along the short side. Then sew in the top circle and then the bottom leaving a small gap to allow it to be turned the right way out and filled with beans as below.

beanbag4The lining is now hand sewn closed.


Now join the two semicircles we cut for the bottom half. These are just tacked closed so we can insert the zip on the other side. These stitches will then be opening once the zip is secured attached underneath.


Now assemble the main fabric as we did with the lining leaving the zip of the bottom piece open.

beanbag7Turn the cover out the right way and insert the bean bag lining.

beanbag8Note: In the book they say simply insert your lining, we found that we had really filled it up with beans and so had to open it back up to make it fit. It’s a bit of a challenge getting it in. Hopefully that cover won’t need washing anytime soon!

beanbag10And there you go! Fancy giving it a try?   

handsome and pretty



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