My Goodness Mykea!

We don’t know about you, but IKEA is often our go-to for affordable pieces. But there’s always the worry that ten of your friends will have the exact same furniture / carpets / lights or all of those combined. That’s where MYKEA steps in …

Mykea; the creative way of covering up the nakedness of Ikea furniture!

To supply our office with some well-needed personality we measured all the sizes of our Ikea furniture and asked some creative artsy fartsy friends of ours to provide us with some cool designs. Just to cover up the shameless nakedness and uniformity of the furniture. A local company printed the designs and gave us simple instructions on how to apply them. Incidentally, the company is still our supplier for all the printed stickers. As you can see, everything came about as easy as pie and the results were, and still are, amazing!”

Here are our four favourite designs:

* * *
What a fantastic and affordable idea!
Have you customised your Ikea furniture? We’d love to hear how you made it your own.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
handsome and pretty

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