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Happy Friday everyone!
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This week I, Lisa, was in Brussels to catch a couple of shows that were part of the KUNSTENFESTIVALDESARTS.
Fantastic, inspiring pieces of work from Arpad Schilling’ Kretakor and  Brett Bailey’s Thirdworld Bun Fight.
. . .

“In May 2014, in Belgium and in a number of other European countries, the majority of citizens are being called upon to elect their political representatives. Here, as elsewhere, there is an increasing impression that politics – entrenched in certain popular themes that are likely to be easy vote winners – is being reduced to something of a spectacle. It struggles to champion fundamental ideas. It seems to act from the outside and no longer manages to be a core part of people’s lives.

If you stick to the views of numerous decision-makers in politics – and how it is reported on by most of the media – culture does not seem to signify much more than entertainment. And when it has ambitions of wanting to contribute to developing ideas, time and again it has been said that it does not reflect life or the world.

In May, in Brussels, an arts festival is taking place that is dedicated to international contemporary creation. The Kunstenfestivaldesarts seeks to present uncompromising artistic forms to the general public. As a festival of creation, it offers a space for experimenting and trying things out. A space that, for three weeks, is driven by desire, curiosity, a taste for risk and a concern for quality. A variety of aesthetics and formats can be found there. Points of view are exchanged. Works can be discovered that have been created by both well-known artists and artists still to be discovered. Several languages are spoken there. The physical space of the city expands; mental spaces broaden.”

(taken from KFDA)
. . .
We loved the concept which accompanied all the shows and exhibitions in the form of coasters, posters and flyers –
It was lovely to travel to a new city and discover new things. So we have put together a little collage of discovery …
Mapping TravelMapping Travel by lisadwyerhogg. Check out where to buy via our polyvore (click on collage).
. . .
Going anywhere nice soon? We love the idea of having a holiday in our own city – just takes a shift in perspective!!
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