Why macaroons are so expensive!

Last week we thought we would do a little tutorial post on macaroons. The french ones that look so very pretty. The ones that are really expensive to buy but make you feel really posh when you have one. I (katie) looked up the ingredients and found out that everything you need is relatively cheap. No reason not to give them a go right? Well five attempts later I think I have realised why they are so expensive. They are not easy to make. Here are my best efforts but more importantly the tips I picked up from various blogs and youtube videos.

macaroons11The recipe which I used in the end that got the best results was:

100g caster sugar

100g icing sugar

100g ground almonds

3 egg whites

food colouring (powder if you can get it)


A few tips so they don’t turn out like my first few attempts pictured below:

1. If you use liquid food colouring add it to the dry icing sugar and almond mix as any extra liquid seems to upset the stiff egg white mix.

2. Leave them to set for at least 40 minutes, some say 20 but I found this wasn’t enough.

3. Make sure you egg whites and sugar mix are really stiff before adding the almond and icing sugar mix.

4. I found the oven at 140 degrees to work best for about 10 minutes give or take.

Attempt number 1:


Attempt number 2:


Attempt number 3:


Have you got any other tips?

Ever tried to make them?

Let us know

handsome and pretty



2 thoughts on “Why macaroons are so expensive!

  1. It is indeed not very easy to get the right texture, shape and taste. But worth it!


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